PRODUCT REVIEW: Juul and juul pod varients

I smoke about 3 packs a day of Newports, I recently got an order for a Juul stick and sour apple (eh, tastes ok with soda) and mint juul pads (doesnt work for now, but i’ll try to fix it after this sour apple pod) from Pur

Opened up the box, didnt charge the pen, didnt work. So I charged it up and tapped on the stick twice, lit up, didnt work, then i read the support site at

What I surmised is I got a QTIP and placed some saliva on it, cleaned out the pod and the stick’s metal contact in the tube, and it worked. If you see yellow liquid, its interfering between the contacts in the pod and the pen.

Took a deep hit and I dont feel like chainsmoking as much

Must have product for chain smokers, novelty may wear off but I think we have a product with long term availability towards smokers

May take some hacking, but it’s smoking for the future

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