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Still working on donations, but try to grow your own fruits and veggies, I wrote this on a weed growing forum, but it should apply to most veggies and fruits, be sure to google around

First you’ll need

1) You’ll probably need to keep quiet about growing weed
2) At least 1000$ initially and about 400$ a month minimum including street weed, smokes, and general stuff including electricity
3) Cleanliness protocol
3b) KEEP YOUR GROW ROOM EQUIPMENT CLEAN, *including chemicals*
3c) Invest in disposable rubber gloves without that dust on them
4) Plenty of space and trusted people to be around

Then you’ll need (you can find this all on Amazon and they deliver to your home overnight to 3 days for 12$/mo for prime)
1) A grow tent
1a) Start off with about six plants. I suggest getting a 2 foot by 4 foot grow tent to start out, try to find the best you can afford with 6″ ducts
2) LED lights as powerful as you can afford
2a) Two 1000w LED lights are pretty much all you’ll need for 1
2a) Keep LED lights as far away from plants as possible. Make the lights closer when the leaves start growing extra upwards, more than usual.
3) Ducting Fans (essential so your plants dont fry in the heat from the lamps)
3a) About four 6″ duct fans that do as high CFM as possible. CFM = air moved. You’ll need for minimum One for intake and one for exhaust (one blowing in one blowing out)
3b) You’ll also need flexible 6″ ducting
4) Seeds or clones
4a) A good starting strain is Northern Lights for seeds and ask around your local grow shop or trusted friends for a good starter clone, I suggest indica because indica grows faster and is generally easier from my experience
5) Nutrients (Flora Nova Grow and Flora Nova Bloom are good starter nutrients, try only to use those when starting out and gradually add stuff like Big Bud
5a) FNG/FNB is PH buffered so you dont need to add PH up and down. It keeps the water at PH7 after you add flora nova, but other nutrients dont do this and generally you have to adjust PH with nutrients like Fox Farms
6) Cooking measuring spoons for 5
7) Pots
7a) 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon, I prefer to use grow bags
7b) BE SURE TO GET PLANT SAUCERS. those are the things that go below the pot so water doesn’t get all over the floor. grow tents will not hold water that drains from plants, they’ll leak and ruin the floor
8) Soil (I suggest Fox Farm Ocean Floor and Fox Farm Happy Frog
9) Trimming scissors for dried bud
10) Glass mason jars for curing (MUST BE MASON JARS!)
11) Thermometer
12) Calendar
13) Soil spade (small hand shovel)
14) Grow plugs (I suggest Roto Rooter plugs because they have an organic blend that helps germination)
15) Grow plug soil tray
16) Grow tray
17) Optional Air Conditioning (warning: takes alot of power) for purple plants
19) 1 gallon kitchen pitcher for exclusive use in your grow room. to transport tap water
20) 5 gallon outdoor watering can (that thing that people water their flowers with)
21) Optional 20 gallon tote to hold GROW’s plants, otherwise get saucers
22) Pocket microscope for inspecting trichomes to see if plants are mature
23) Electrical timer that times electrical devices
24) Boveda Humity Bags, about 52% RH. I suggest 10g bags for 1 gallon mason jars
25) I suggest disposable hazmat suits if you want to make it in the biz

Follow directions in grow tent box. Add duct fans. Figure out ducting plan (remember: one exhaust one intake minimum), carefully hang grow lights (You can safely loop the hanging wires on LED’s over the frame of the grow tent, just takes a little force). Add ducting. Turn on lights and do a 2 day dry run while your seeds are germinating. If using clones, use this time to research your clones and talk to clubs about growing.

Add seeds to Roto Rooter plugs. Keep under light and fans. The heat and light should speed up sprouting. Be sure to drop them in the rooting hole pointy side up so the initial root (taproot) can break out of its shell and submerge from the top of the seed into the plug so it can rise up after hooking into the semi inert material in the plug. Skip if using clones. Be sure to keep water in the grow tray. Transport after you see a white root emerge from the bottom of your rooting plug. Move to GROW.

Set lights to be on for 24 hours. This is what I do.
Add soil using spade. Be sure to wear gloves. Water until soil is drenched. Mark the day down you planted your seeds on your calendar. This is day one. Be sure to water only when soil dries out to prevent overwatering, which can lead to dead plants.
First two weeks no nutrients. This is because the plant has built up nutrient reserves from its parent plants.
After the first two weeks, mark your calendar, take about 1 teaspoon of Flora Nova Grow only and add it per 1 gallon of water. If you have five gallons, add 1 teaspoon per gallon.
Once a week, feed your plants when theres no more water in the soil
At four weeks, mark your calendar. Search google for “cannabis preflower guide”. When you see a little white “hair” (known as a pistil) emerging from the plants intersects or between the branches, you have a mature female plant. Celebrate! I suggest indica

Set your electrical timer to turn on for 12 hours and turn off for 12 hours. Most digital timers can be set by holding a button down and pressing HOUR until you get the right number on the screen.
Mark the day down on your calendar.
Start off by mixing half half Fox Farms Ocean Floor and Fox Farms Happy Frog and adding it to each 5 gallon grow bag/pot
Separate a hole in the the new pot, and gently place the plant in the soil. Cover the plant in soil
Grab the bottom of the grow bag, put fingers gently between the stem, and make sure theres plenty of clearance or free space between the plant and other things (as to not destroy the plant in this process), tilt it upside down and remove the bag. Place the plant and its roots on the bag.
Add about half a gallon of water and let the new plant sit for about an hour
Add about half a teaspoon of Flora Nova Grow and follow the directions on Flora Nova Bloom’s label per gallon of water. I think its one teaspoon per gallon. This is only for the next 2 weeks.
After about 2 weeks, move to one teaspoon a week. BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVER FEED! IT’LL DESTROY YOUR PLANTS!
At 6 weeks or two weeks before suggested bloom time, STOP FEEDING! Start watering your plant every other day to remove chemicals from the soil, about equal to the plant. If you want to be careful, wait until the soil dries out, but it is essential to keep the soil as wet as possible by watering to remove chemicals from the cannabis plant.
Your plant is done when you use your pocket microscope to inspect a cut off leaf with trichomes on a table. If you start seeing alot of little amber/red heads on top of the trichomes, its time to cut your plants down. I suggest using a bread knife to cut the primary (meristem) stem, then hang upside down after clearing your grow tent. BE CAREFUL NOT TO DROP THE PLANT! The plants are done when the stems manage to snap in half instead of bending.

Cut a clean plastic garbage bag in half. Use that as a tray for your plants. Use trimming scissors to cut off leaves. You dont need to get in-between the buds, just around them. It’s fine leaving fan leaves inside the buds, but you’ll need to remove ALL fan leaves around the bud for best flavor. When done, move to curing

Place boveda humidity bags in mason jars, make sure they lean to the side
Cut up your marijuana buds into sizable nugs and place them in the jar
For the first 5 days, burp once every 6 hours. That means take off the lid and let the cannabis plants exhaust the energy built up through photosynthesis over its grow time
In about 2 weeks, you can smoke.
In about 4 weeks, its ready for bags

DO NOT LET ANYONE TOUCH YOUR PLANTS OR ENTER YOUR GROW ROOM. this is to prevent pests/moulds/mildews/contaminants

Ive heard good things about vacuum sealing, but generally bagging them up in a personal freezer works well.

If I missed anything, just reply to the thread. If you find success, be sure to reply!

Happy growing!