Official Jonist Shopping

Great prices, their trick is to buy bulk and mark it down for charity reasons on their taxes, and they save a ton of money on shipping, and don’t touch my shit ok? It takes a few weeks to ship, but its not a scam

I got a 1000$ speaker for 100$, check out I make no money off these links, I actually scored a bunch of stuff for cheap earlier (Mainly Grow Lights, someone email and tell them to stock up on grow lights)

Try it, if you don’t like it, call them, if they don’t do a trick, call the bank and do a chargeback

They’re actually backed by angel investors.. This is going to hurt, but, well, alot of times angels come with their own army..

I get no funding from them, aside from great deals. If you really like Jonism/Allism/Oneism/etc, buy some stuff and donate it to charity, even if it means eBaying stuff