my meeting with my congressman

it was about august in my town, I emailed a request for a meeting a democratic congressman who just liked helping people. I emailed him through “schedule a meeting” through his website.

they called me and told me to meet me at his office where I prepared the marijuana legalization bill, which you can find somewhere, I lost the files after I formatted my hard drive, jerry should still have the documents hopefully, its probably in the House and or the LOC

I prepared the bill in accordance to RC Clarke’s “Marijuana Botany”, I broke it into small section and gave him five copies of the bill, unstapled, freshly printed

I honestly was going through psychological problems so the two CIA agents that were in the office drugged me through water, I was wearing bum clothes because I was depressed since I was on meds and needed marijuana

my aunt drove me there since I don’t have a drivers license, I sat there and discussed marijuana with jerry but I couldn’t really talk much because of the high dose of zyprexa. the only thing I remember correctly was him asking “did you really write this?”

after the meeting, he didn’t really talk to me, I assumed he was battling congress on my word, and 12 months later marijuana was legalized in colorodo, then California, then several other states, through Barack obama

if you want to make a difference, try finding your local congressman through search engines like google, or go directly to

it is in some law that citizens are allowed to submit bills directly to congress, and your elected official is the first stop towards making change