well, I have money, or else I’ll wait.. lets talk about the quadrinity of hinduism

his name is trimutri, according to what I can surmise through math and science and investigation.. funny guy, strong, two arms for now, talks to many gods, smokes divine marijuana, wears a suit time to time..

he looks determined, but ruthless.. something heroic in his manner, doesn’t look like a killer.. but has a dream, full of passion
“so you don’t trust me, huh? well now you know why”


download this movie. its “the killer” by John woo. it deals with graphic subject matter, here’s a link to a chinese version, can’t find the English dubbed one.. if you really want to absorb the way of the gun, find the English dubbed one, if you really want to absorb the way of the gun, listen to movies in chinese with English subtitles, be sure to use chinese spoken track

The Killer By John Woo

“how much do you want for this job?”
“2.7 million.”

if you really want the real deal, goto a store and fucking buy it

and John woo runs this town now


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