my first encounter with the secret service

im a kind man. ive kept close contact with intelligence over email, until I fucked up bad, man, they came to my house with badges and guns, started yelling, made me sign an electrical wiretap contract.. for a year I felt hell, but just like in the movie “the killer”.. well, lets just say I made it, I help the government whenever I can, keep close contact with my local congressman, help the system.

I try to email alot of elected officials in various governments, including United Nations, mi6, and Mossad (the Hebrew intelligence agency). I email them tips and keep intelligence informed.

a long time ago I pieced universe and definition together, and made it “unidef” after mos def, who I consider to be a master of his craft (check him out on google play (search google for “google play unlimited” or iTunes (search google for “Apple Music unlimited” or something, follow the cues)

remember to google words such as “<word goes here> definition” or “define: word” (where word is the word you’re looking for) if you need help with these words

but later I realized what unidef stood for. its older then time


theres also Unicef, cause I love helping kids.. there was this one kid, who I love alot, she died, but she was priceless when I chased her around

well, I have a bottle to attend to, here’s a song

Try to ignore the message and focus on the messenger

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