tips on quitting smoking from a chainsmoker

late addition: DONT GET OTHER PEOPLE TO STOP SMOKING. companies are on to that shit, this must be done on free will

try to stop eating flavorful food and sugar, I suggest a flour/warm water diet.. causes gas, but you can deal with it

spend all your free time in bed on a laptop and watch tv

stay away from cigarette smoke

if you need a cigarette, DONT PANIC, try reading, dont distract yourself, breathe, talk to yourself, in severe situations where you need to lash out, punch a wall gently, if you’re strong, just go all out, be careful not to break your hand or the wall

DONT SEEK THERAPY, theres cigarette chemicals everywhere, I suggest going to a mirror after cleaning everything up, and talking. look at yourself, insult yourself, laugh, DONT GO NEAR FRIENDS, during your rehabilitation you’ll have to isolate yourself

during work, try to get as much sleep as possible. if you work at McDonalds, negotiate with your boss to get as much alone time as possible. when alone, try to talk to yourself

if you get sent to a psych ward for talking to yourself, dont have sex or masturbate, stay off the patch, try to talk to yourself.

spend all of your free money on yourself, or if its a large sum, try philanthropy (helping the needy)

try religion

if youre sick from smoking cigarettes, and you’re addicted to marijuana, you’re going to have to try eating raw marijuana, you’ll throw up initially but your body will build up resistance. try to water cure your weed, google it

try not to masturbate or have sex, try singing, practice the vedas

even if you have to scream racial slurs alone, try talking to yourself.

good luck


ps when you’re alone, you’re the closest to god

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