romance tips

  1. SHOWER AND BRUSH THREE TIMES A DAY. wash your taint. get your dentist to brush your teeth on checkups. learn how to scoop gently when you wipe
  2. be honest
  3. wear whatever you want, I suggest picking clothes at random
  4. say whatever you want
  5. you dont have to be funny, just be honest
  6. if you dont want sex, just say so
  7. try to go easy on masturbation, either that, NO MASTURBATION
  8. fast food is cute
  9. dont be too pushy
  10. be honest!
  11. try holding hands at first
  12. look forward to kids, if you dont want kids, be a monk
  13. be as honest and straightforward as possible, this is a relationship, not a bargain game
  14. try to help each other out as much as possible in a relationship, including money if possible
  15. do cute stuff together! say what’s on your mind!
  16. wash hands as often as possible, hopefully together
  17. if all else fails, goto the zoo and make fun of animals. those animals need something to laugh at


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