marriage tips

try your very best to understand each other, may it be through buying things, lying, games, whatever you need, and whatever you two or more can provide. sex is hard when its the same thing over and over again, so just say, or if you dont have kids, try screaming what you need carefully so you dont burst eardrums what you “want to say”, until you finish

do whatever you want, be sure to keep your finances and financial history in check, keep in touch with family, with family disputes I dont know, you’re going to have to fight it out, that’s just the way of the land in America, maybe consider counseling between two or more parties at the cost of the state

oh, and try to keep your health in check

if you have kids I dont know, you’re going to have to ask (dont grill them unless they’re over 18 and self sufficient). failing that, hire intelligence or law enforcement.

good luck


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