G.O.D (global oddity density) and Communication

Basically, during the inception of the universe by G.O.D (in whatever form it is) everything appeared in forms of different gods, from Light, which they all communicate through. An alien planets god is the same as our god, just in a different format. I don’t think theres a dark planet, all planets have their solar system, the dark planets are.. odd.. since light can’t penetrate through their atmospheres, but those with light are occupied by our same god, just in a different form.

A good example is the book of job (pronounced joub) where satan and god communicate, also the Bible says nothing about creating this dimension, meaning theres more shit out there for us to discover

I like to personally believe god is a scientist and a businessman, where he outsourced gods from other planets (some from other dimensions) to populate earth (aka extraterrestrial animosity recreational tomb of hearth)

a good example of this is the game of world of warcraft, if you can try to walk up to the interdimensional beings and talk to them using /say you can observe.. a better example is watching video game main characters fight in the same game

also I love Esther povitsky 😉 im gonna make her a website later


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