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EMACS Simple EMACS Spreadsheet (SES) on my MacBook Pro

Basically, EMACS (pronounced E MACS) is a free text editor (available at https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/) that uses a combination of Control, Alt, and keys such as Control + X to write text. It features a built in manager that allows you to download additional software for EMACS, and has a programmable interface for writing additional software for the EMACS text editor. It also has a built in interface for configuring custom keys (called Macros) for commands (ie if you want to open up the internal web browser, you can configure it to start on the command Control X + W)

The cool thing is it can be accessed remotely, it can be accessed using various cloud technologies, including Google Cloud, and can be used as a server

You an use it to write code, check email, access databases, browse the internet, even write Word documents and save in PDF!

It uses the LISP programming language, and is written in C

But the main topic in this blog entry, is SES, Simple Emacs Spreadsheet. Type in M-X (which is ALT + X on my EMACS editor) and type in ses, then press the Tab key. Should open up a window (called “buffers”) that allows you to select the main command that allows entry into the spreadsheet mode, named “ses-mode”)

I have some additional reading, almost all of EMACS and EMACS’ software is open source, which means its practically free unless you want to write your own software, which you can distribute for free, which is what most people do on the internet)

Here is the manual for EMACS, I suggest reading it and executing the commands as you read: https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/emacs/index.html

After you’re done with that, read the manual for ses-mode here, I suggest reading the EMACS manual first if youve never used EMACS before: https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/ses/index.html#Top

EMACS is industrial grade, secure, professional, and stable software. If downloading the “stable” release, you’re pretty much illegally guaranteed a crash free experience. Failing that, setup a server using Google Cloud and start using EMACS!

You can download EMACS with a graphical user interface for pretty much any computer, including Mac and Windows. You can use a mouse and click the buttons and everything.

Happy hacking


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