politicians and online advertisements

wouldn’t it be nice if you could log into a web site, and see ads for your preferred politician?

my favorite politican is my local congressman, he got me into politics without a donation, and supported me, I still talk to his staff, I dont goto his office since I dont have enough money for a car, but when I do they’re always friendly, even when im in a bad mood

but when I first met my congressman, it was in his office. he sat me down with two cia agents, and we talked. I gave him five photocopies, unstapled, of a marijuana legalization bill based on RC Clarke’s book, Marijuana Botany (please buy it). I made a big mistake, I told him he didn’t do jack shit, but it should’ve been the cannabis bill to prevent racism towards Spanish and Spanish American citizens, but whatever

but that bill was passed. I received 0 dollars but nothing but respect, this was during Obama’s administration, to this day I have deep disdain for this country for not allowing me to personally meet my congressman and barrack obama, personally, to thank him and take a ride home from my friends to discuss it

but I believe politics is flawed. its old politics that Govern support from The People by donations. in the future, I would like for politicians to have ads on their websites, coordinated with their staff, on having people force private companies to give small donations (.50 dollars to about 1000 dollars) per click towards their elected official, it’ll fuck up the system but it’ll make it better.

basically a politicians governance is based on donations. its complex but it can be governed by something like donations = support * acceptance of the system, I trusted my local congressman, who I won’t reveal due to security reasons, senator Bernie sanders, EXVPOUSA Joe Biden, and hopefully during the final days of the election, Donald trump, with political support to make every election motherfucking eventful, god bless this country and its crazy ass election season.

I also, want to run for president of the Internet.

now if you’ll excuse me, I have some emails to send

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