anything ja rule says can be repeated ad cetra for humor purposes

“cause every thug needs a lady”? cause every thug needs a lady? so if you sell drugs, shoot people, and fight frequently you’re like, obliged by god to get a lady? what if you’re gay? ja, how come every thug can’t have a man? are you so down and out you gotta shiza? good lord, im going to copy and paste some lyrics with my commentary

Girl your stare, those eyes, I (love it when you look at me baby)
unidef: ok, police are on their way
Your lips, your smile, I (love it when you kiss me baby)
unidef: theyre here
Your hips, those thighs, I (love it when you fuck me baby)
unidef: how come im missing weed and cocaine
And I can’t, deny I (love it when I’m wit’chu baby)
unidef: ja rule the police are outside your home

that’s mesmerize by ja rule. it basically means hes going to break inside your house

another classical adventure into the mind of ja rule is:

Kill or be killed behind the wall 40 day short
still the thought of murderer true to the sport
I bang with the best niggas them career criminals
now I’m in with these youngins lookin’ to feel me out
Hollerin’ ’bout how they gon’ hit on me now
Niggas is real wild bangin’ before trial
new kicks new trial I don’t give a fuck
I’m playin’ the yard ox taped to my nuts
ready to self destruct Lord I don’t wanna die
but what powered your honor to hit me with 25
I know that real recognize every hustle
and die with these niggas in the struggle
Ya feel me
By Father Rule, Gospel: 25 to Life

unidef: motherfucking dont you write songs? why dont you wear a dress? how you gonna put that on everything?

next article covers why usher belongs in a psych ward, I still have no idea what hes talking about, im pretty sure hes schizophrenic

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