basically it works like this. you download something from a source (S refereed herein this post) and it carries from S. everything from S is inherited because of the C++ infrastructure put in by Microsoft. before Visual C++, everything was done locally and .NET just made this problem worse

so software hacker breaks something using a hacked computer full of bugs, and viruses, and it carries on to their hex editor or decompiler, and you get a virus, tada, go buy software. they secure it, dont visit porn sites on your work computer, its just for work and visiting corporation and government websites

personal computers hooked up to a vpn through sandboxing or better yet virtualization (dont bother on your workstation unless youre in information technology or hardcore computer analysis) and you can do whatever you want, just hack the shit out of it if you want to, and do your thing

cause every thug needs a lady, and that wall? we gotta build walls to tear them down, for the children, like Pink Floyd, baby girl put it on me, where would I be without my baby, cause every thug needs a lady

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