haldol: the antipsychotic

I’ve seen in clinical trials that haldol is pretty immune to cannabis, it interacts due to complexity in the genes Nixon spread in our marijuna (marijuana and cannabis are two different things, ones a street drug and ones a scientific drug, ask around), and can usually be administered as is every 6 hours, in 5mg form

haldol lactate, aka liquid haldol, is a good antipsychotic, and can be mixed with cbd tincture, giving a nice stone if taken about.. 5mg and about complexity of issue times full dropper glass of cbd tincture.

if you ask me, we should just legalize antipsychotics through cbd and administer over the counter, but we have to find a fucking appropriate source of cbd, and deal with the legal system (lawsuits, funding, patents)

patents are the hard one, since you can’t really patent a plant that’s been around since illegalization

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